Vienna’s electorate gap — district by district

vienna electorate

The population growth of Vienna has accelerated after the turn of the millennium, driven by an increasing influx of international immigrants. These new arrivals are usually ineligible to vote, only Austrian nationals are. As a consequence, Vienna’s electorate gap – i.e. the share and the number of people at voting age not eligible for voting – has widened.

by Ramon Bauer, Tina Frank, Michael Holzapfel and Clemens Schrammel

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Infographic available for download as PDF: Vienna’s electorate gap
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Concept & Design by Ramon Bauer, Tina Frank and Michael Holzapfel
Coded by Clemens Schrammel
Source data by Statistics Austria
Data map inspired by London Squared Map:

Download the data: Version: 1.0 (2015-09-17)